Where to Shop for Victorian Accessories in Ocean Grove, NJ

Wondering what you should wear on the Victorian Tea Party Bus? You’re not required to dress in 19th century-inspired finery, but it’s definitely encouraged.

Consider coming to Ocean Grove early on the day of the trip. There are several shops in town that can provide you with a touch of Victorian flair. Look below to see what goodies I found right here in town.

At the April Cornell store at 70 Main Avenue, you can buy a fancy collar or cuffs that automatically “Victorianize” whatever you’re already wearing.


The Historical Society of Ocean Grove has a museum gift shop at 50 Pitman Avenue. They sell these lovely rice paper parasols.

At Gingerbread’s at 49 Main Avenue they offer a pretty variety of shawls/scarves as well as Victorian style hat pins.



Finally, The Emporium at 63 Main Avenue has a fantastic selection of fascinators right now. Here’s one in deep purple (my favorite) and one with feathers.



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