Woolworth’s Lives On in Paradise, PA

I recently took a break from giving walking tours of Ocean Grove to pay a visit to the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA in the heart of Amish country. Open March through December, the National Christmas Center is essentially a museum of Christmas. Colorful displays illustrate the historic origins of the holiday and how its traditions have differed between cultures. There’s a robust collection of Christmas memorabilia and decor, a village of animatronic woodland creatures for the kids, an impressive train room and a walk through ancient Bethlehem to Nazareth.

But without a doubt, my favorite part was the Woolworth’s exhibit. One room of the museum has been transformed into a fully-stocked circa 1950s five and dime — so authentic that signs throughout the exhibit remind visitors that the items are not for sale. I’ve shared my photos below. It’s a must for anyone who loves history, Christmas, and vintage Americana.

– Kim Brittingham

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